Feb. 28th, 2014

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I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Psycho thriller told in separate threads by a husband and wife. The wife goes missing, the husband is accused and then there are some fun twists and turns.

I liked it, but I think my expectations were too high - I wasn't as surprised by the first twist as I might have been, though it worked great, then I expected even more twists than the book actually had. I thought a particular character would be more involved, but no.

I thought the ending was pretty perfect.

As far as my challenges around fiction go, this was an easy one - no deep meanings or sublties for me to wonder about.

I can't get the cut to work, so spoiler stuff below.

I see a lot of people didn't like how it ended; I'm guessing they wanted to see some kind of dramatic resolution with somebody getting killed (BURN THE WITCH!) or some other kind of closure. But I thought it was just right. He's scared of her... but fascinated, can't imagine being with a less intelligent woman. She wants his adoration. They're going to be together forever. The one thing I didn't really buy was her getting pregnant from his discarded wank-off tissues - I don't think sperm can actually live that long. Plus I didn't believe he really wanted to be a father. But I think it will all work out.
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I've just started Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise by Sam Irvin. Back to a nice relaxing biography. I know about Kay Thompson as a big figure in stage & screen, though I don't think I've ever seen Funny Face because I'm the only woman in the world who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn. I discovered the Eloise books when I was "too old" for picture books, and love them then and now.

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