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19_crows ([personal profile] 19_crows) wrote2016-05-12 12:38 pm

What I'm reading, about to read

John Wilcock New York Years, 1954-1971, Ethan Persoff & Scott Marshall. A collection of comic strips from Boing Boing, illustrating the career of John Wilcock. He started the Village Voice and knew a lot of interesting people so this is quite entertaining, and I like the drawings. Current strips are here.

The Wild Party, Joseph Moncure March, Art Spiegelman illustrations. A narrative poem from 1928 describing a night among louche theater people. It was widely banned but still a big success. It's powerful not just for being daring but also wonderfully written, and I say this as someone who doesn't like poetry much. I can't stop thinking about the ending. Art Spiegelman did expressive illustrations for this 1994 version in a woodcut style reminiscent of Lynd Ward.

My Mistake, Dan Menaker. He worked for the NYer for years and later was in publishing. He has a wry sense of humor and I like how the book blends him talking about his family history and some tragedy and insights into himself with descriptions of work and the interesting people he worked with. He confirms that Shawn was an asshole and that William Maxwell was wonderful (I'd have cried if the latter wasn't true - So Long, See You Tomorrow is one of my favorite books.)

After I finish the Menaker book, I think I'll read another of Diana Athill's memoirs.